According to a new study, Brands In Motion, conducted by Australian integrated communication agency, WE Buchan, part of WE Communications, 100 per cent of Australian's would gladly publically shame that brand if it stepped out of line.

The global study, which looked specifically at the Australian market examined both the rational and emotional drivers that motivate customer choices in today's evolving environment. Results found that in order to achieve business success brands must create deep connections at both an emotional and rational level with consumers in order to thrive and create momentum in an ever-changing marketplace.

According to Rebecca Wilson, CEO of WE Buchan, "Unlike previous assumptions about brand positioning, which assumes a static view of customer perceptions, brand motion takes into account the influencer of broader environmental factors and underlying consumer expectations."

The study revealed that:

  • Stability is an element of motion, with the majority (83%) of Australian consumers believing brands provide stability during uncertain times
  • Innovation is important for Australian's with 67% identifying that being 'cutting edge' was essential to positive brand outcomes
  • 69% of surveyed consumers placed a balance on brands delivering highly effective, high functional benefit products and services

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BIM Australia Fast Facts (PDF, 170KB)