SenateSHJ today announced that book strategist and writer Dr Liz Alexander was joining its team as special counsel.

The appointment expands SenateSHJ's thought leadership practice through the provision of a strategic and specialist writing offering, and furthers Liz's existing relationship with SenateSHJ partner, Craig Badings. In 2012, Liz co-authored a book with Craig on thought leadership. They then collaborated on an e-book and launched 'Leading Thought', which hosts their thought leadership focused blog

A former journalist, Liz has worked for a wide range of industry and mainstream magazines in the U.K., including British Airways' Business Life Magazine. She has over 25 years' global experience, working with individuals and organisations as a consulting co-author.

She has written 11 non-fiction books and co-authored four more, including multiple award-winning books: Transform Tomorrow: Awakening the Super Saver in Pursuit of Retirement Readiness and Access to Asia: Your Multicultural Guide to Building Trust, Inspiring Respect and Creating Long-Lasting Business Relationships.

Neil Green, SenateSHJ chief executive, said: "Liz is an exceptional, multiple-award winning talent. She not only helps aspiring authors prepare high-quality, valuable non-fiction manuscripts but she coaches them on how to maximise the business opportunity.

"Most businesspeople write, or engage a "ghostwriter" to write books that communicate what they already know. Liz's talent is being able to work with business leaders to produce highly differentiated, thought leading books that will successfully impact the market, industry and/or society as a whole."

Liz is based in Houston, Texas, and works on writing projects with clients across the globe.

For more information contact:

Neil Green Group CEO -, or + 64 4 471 5374

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